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invicta agrastai
Invicta INVICTA – a variety of gooseberries created in Great Britain, currently widely grown throughout Europe. As a mother, a famous German breed Resistenta was used for creation of this variety from which it inherited resistance to fungal diseases....
Hinonmaki raudoni agrastai
Hinonmaki red HINONMAKI RED – a variety of gooseberries created in Finland is a hybrid of European and American breeds. Berries are pink, round, fairly large, the skin is thin. The bush is small, the variety is resistant to diseases and cold, the harvest is...
Hinonmaki geltoni agrastai
Hinonmaki gelb HINONMAKI YELLOW – a variety of gooseberries created in Finland. Berries are of average size, round, green, ripen early. The pulp is sweet and sour, sweet, and has a pleasant taste. Bushes grow slowly, give harvest annually and abundantly,...
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